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"Working with H.E. Hodge to put together the specifications and bid package for my client was a huge help. They're easy to work with, professional, and highly competent."

John Wills

United Architectural


Success begins with building strong foundations. That's why we pride ourselves on nurturing collaborative, open, honest communication and relationships with every architectural firm we encounter, wherever we operate.

  • AutoCad Capabilities: H.E. Hodge offers a  3D computer-assisted design service that helps facilitate  manufacturing, product designing, building designing, construction, and civil engineering.

  • CSI: Our manufacturers are experts in improving the communication of construction information. We help implement specifications that form standards that guide the construction industry’s communication and documentation.

  • AIA Accredited Presentation:  H.E Hodge offers key data points that will assist in successfully delivering courses that offer Learning Units (LUs), credible resources, helpful content that ensures value for both the architect and the manufacturer. We craft our educational programs to consider the best industry practices and strategies that lead to quality content and engaging presentations.

  • Design Consultative Services: H.E. Hodge provides a design and build service that is unmatched in institutional construction, such as K-12 and higher education. It is vital for the future generation to experience spaces that promote learning environments. Delivering spaces where people thrive is our promise and our passion. Our design consulting services include the following.

  • Design Consultative Service Offerings: 3-D Modeling. Feasibility study. Budgeting analysis. Revit Files. Products Specifications. Product Applications. 

Divisions We Serve

Our half century of expertise covers a wide range of architectural divisions including each of the divisions and sub-components below.

  • 06-Wood, Plastic, and Composites (framing): 06402 Interior Architectural Woodwork.

  • 09-Finishes: 09621 Fluid-Applied Athletic Flooring. 09622 Resilient Athletic Flooring. 09644 Wood Athletic – Flooring Assemblies. 09681 Carpet Tile.

  • 10-Specialties: 10101 Visual Display Surfaces. 10125 Bulletin Boards and Display Cases. 10155 Toilet Compartments. 10350 Flagpoles. 10505 Metal Lockers. 10506 Wood Lockers. 10605 Wire Mesh Partitions. 10616 Site-Assembled Demountable Partitions. 10620 Demountable Unitized- Panel Partitions. 10651 Operable Panel Partitions. 10655 Accordion Folding Partitions. 10671 Metal Storage Shelving. 10801 Toilet and Bath Accessories.

  • 11-Equipment: 11063 Stage Curtains. 11132 Projection Screens. 11490 Gymnasium Equipment. 11610 Laboratory Fume Hoods.

  • 12-Furnishings: 12355 Institutional Casework. 12361 Metal Laboratory Casework. 12362 Wood Laboratory Casework. 12636 Plastic-Laminate Laboratory Casework. 12365 Metal Medical Casework. 12494 Roller Shades. 12610 Fixed Audience Seating. 12760 Telescoping Stands.

  • 14- Conveying Equipment: 14420 Wheelchair Lift.

  • 32-Exterior Improvements: 321800 Athletic and Recreational Surface.


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